The voice for

pediatric cancer.



Do you know?

Everyday 43 children (a full yellow bus) are told they have cancer in the United States.

1 in 285 children are diagnosed with cancer which is easily one child in every school.

1 child out of 5 will not survive pediatric cancer.

How can we change this? Awareness is the first step in creating change.

Cancer doesnโ€™t fight fair. Some of the bravest kids youโ€™ll ever meet have been told that they have run out of options to fight pediatric cancer.

Cole Eicher influenced the creation of this video to show what kids are doing to create better outcomes. It was meant to inspire you to do something in your circle of influence to make a difference. Participate in a #GoldTogether Relay for Life team or be #GoldTogether in September to bring awareness to this important cause.

Together, we can create the change we want to see.